Where education meets generative AI.

Qal.AI is an innovative web app that enhances learning by generating graphs for your topic.

Click on a node to learn more.

How does Qal.AI work?

Go to /generate, enter the topic you wan't to learn more about and get a graph of all connected topics.

Pricing Plan

Unlock all features including unlimited graphs for your learning journey.

What's included in the PRO plan

  • Unlimited Graphs
  • Unlimited Quizzes
  • Prioritized Generation
  • GPT-4
  • Access to Discord
  • Direct, Premium Support


Billed Monthly

Get Started

Since Qal.AI is in early development stage, we are offering all features for free until we figure out the suitable pricing plan.


The people that have supported us so far.


This web app has saved me countless hours of research work and helped me acquire new skills much faster and more efficient.

Elon Musk

CEO @ SpaceX


I have been using Qal.AI for a while now and I am very impressed with the results. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn new things.

Mark Zuckerberg

CEO @ Meta